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Rolls-Royce seeks 500 more staff

By Daryll Nanayakara

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If you like working in the aviation industry and have the required technical skills, you could be someone that British engine giant Rolls-Royce is after.

The company is seeking to hire another 500 employees to staff its engine-assembly and test unit, and its fan-blade manufacturing factory.

Both facilities are housed in its all-in-one mega complex in Seletar Aerospace Park.

The complex will be officially opened in February.

In line with its policy of employing staff from the country it operates in, Rolls-Royce is committed to ensuring that up to 90 per cent, if not all, of the 500 vacancies will be filled by Singapore citizens and permanent residents.

The firm currently has 300 employees working at its Seletar complex, of which 80-90 per cent are Singaporeans.

“A majority of our hires are locals as opposed to foreigners overtaking the locals,” Ms Erin Atan, Rolls-Royce‘s Asia-Pacific head of communications, said during a media tour of the mega complex yesterday.

By the time it operates at full capacity in 2015, the $700-million complex will be expected to produce up to 250 airplane engines a year, mainly the Trent 900 and 1000 models that power the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, respectively.

To meet this target, Rolls-Royce intends to cast its net wide, beyond just hiring candidates with experience in the aviation industry.

Rolls-Royce are Hiring from other Industries

Ms Ang Cham Lark, Rolls-Royce‘s human-resource manager in Singapore, said the company has hired people from related industries, such as manufacturing, semiconductor and facilities maintenance.

Of course, having the right attitude would be a major factor in the hiring process.

Job candidates “have to realise that for every single engine or part they build, lives are at stake. We have to find people who genuinely care about what they do”, said Ms Atan.

This is the first time Rolls-Royce is developing an all-in-one facility capable of building engines from scratch. It offers work opportunities that would greatly benefit potential employees.

“The knowledge and experience they will be exposed to will be very valuable,” Ms Atan said.

“At the end of five or 10 years, they will be one of the most valuable assets in the aviation industry.”

By Daryll Nanayakara

Source: –

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